March 22, 2019
Besides his prowess as a real property investor, Nawar Hussein also has a strong reputation as an entrepreneur of some note. For example, he trademarked his methods for real estate investment so that he could maximize his profitability at the same time he maximized client satisfaction in other ways. With more than a decade of real estate under his belt, Nawar Hussein has managed to build an extensive network of valuable partners. Because of this, he is often referred to as a visionary as a ‘dealmaker.’

This is because Nawar Hussein tends to use his wide sphere of influence and his considerable bargaining power to bring together the best in the business to create unique investment opportunities for all of his clients. Nawar Hussein co-founded, he deals in both commercial and domestic real estate properties, including those in a variety of sectors, including residential homes, multifamily properties. retail, manufacturing and office space. Nawar currently leads one of the leading real estate investment firms in all of Spain and, while he specializes in real estate investments in the Barcelona and Girona regions, Nawar is now regarded as one of the best in the country.